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Alexandru Mortan

Software Development Consultant

Alex is a passionate senior software engineer with a background in Java, who enjoys experimenting with cutting-edge practices and technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Alex is involved in a number of initiatives which aim to automate repetitive business processes, mostly in the financial sector. When he isn’t exploring new ways to make businesses more efficient and allow our clients to focus on more important and valuable work, you can find Alex travelling to remote countries and exploring new and different cultures.

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Andrew Brown

Delivery Partner

Andrew is focused on mobilising teams to support Endava’s clients and ensures we are always adding value. Seventeen of his 20 years in technology delivery have been with Endava, helping us shape our delivery organisation and capability from niche central European outsourcing through to an international IT services organisation. When he is not delivering IT transformation he’s busy transforming his 1974 Volkswagen camper van to be ready to hit the road this summer.

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Armen Kojekians

Senior Infrastructure Consultant

Armen enjoys working on all things Distributed and Cloud, helping clients embrace innovation while moving existing workloads or building new products. The only clouds Armen doesn't like are the kind that keep him and his two kids indoors. He also enjoys experimenting with cooking, but admits it doesn't always produce Master Chef style results.

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Bea Tartsanyi

Innovation Lead

Bea is a creative innovator with over 10 years experience working with global market leading corporates and fast paced innovative start-ups. She runs innovation projects all the way from idea to production. Bea is passionate about connecting the dots and coming up with new concepts to solve pressing business problems. She strongly believes in the power of collaboration, crowdsourcing and dark chocolate.

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Bradley Howard

Head of Innovation

Bradley is passionate about discussing consumer and technology innovation, Technology trends, Digital Transformation (as wide as that is), IoT and New business models and apps. As Head of Innovation he is regularly invited by Endava’s clients to present thought-provoking concepts at their senior management meetings and conferences. He is also a mentor, an avid blogger, a father to four curious kids and a keen hiker. When he is not leading innovation projects, you can probably find him leading a scout troop or making someone laugh.

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Edward Butler

VP DevOps Transformation

Edward has two decades of experience in infrastructure, application management, cloud and DevOps. He works with our clients to help them unlock the benefits of continuous delivery and is passionate about the 'human' side of IT, especially the way that multidisciplinary teams with a shared goal can go above and beyond the expectations of their business. Edward enjoys sharing his knowledge at events and has even co-authored scientific papers. In his free time, he enjoys playing music and sports involving a board – specifically surfing and snowboarding. But not paddleboarding, that's a bit too sedate for Ed.

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Eoin Woods

Chief Technology Officer

Eoin provides technical strategy advice to our major clients and works with our delivery organisation to ensure that the right people, tools, technologies, and processes are in place. Outside work, he is an enthusiastic amateur trumpet player, dwelling in a wide range of styles including wind band, brass band, big band jazz and classical. He also likes anything with an engine that can move quickly, particularly Alfa Romeo, Audi and Jaguar road cars and saloon car, Formula-E and Formula 1 racing.

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Gareth Badenhorst

Senior Architect

Gareth Badenhorst is a Lead Solution Architect and Design Authority in Endava with more than two decades experience in IT. He has a background as an engineer and still enjoys getting his hands dirty whenever possible. He has travelled the journey from traditional service oriented architectures to microservices and has had a recent focus on the end to end architectural concerns. Gareth likes music, movies and microservices. He also rocks the best mustache this side of Movember.

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Glenn Geil

SVP Payments Delivery

Glenn has over three decades of experience in both retail payments and banking. He is responsible for delivering strategy and development services to Endava’s global payment industry clients ranging from PayFac’s and Acquirers to Real-Time Payment facilitators and Crypto-Currency exchanges. When he isn’t challenging himself to help clients create innovative payment solutions, Glenn likes the challenge of hiking up the likes of Rainbow Mountain and Machu Picchu.

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Graeme Fordyce

VP, Product/UX

Drawing on experience in diverse fields including search, payments, e-commerce and SEM, Graeme has been hands-on with all things product related since the late 1990s. He works with our clients to simplify the complex and drive effective product thinking with an emphasis on tactical execution and consumer empathy. Before joining Endava, Graeme spent time working with both high-tech start-ups and world-renowned brands. When he isn’t thinking about all the ways to improve products, Graeme enjoys chess, rugby, and landscape photography.

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Gregory Solovey

Test Architect

Gregory spent a good part of the last 30 years adapting test design methods, that were implemented 40 years ago, and automating them. Gregory holds an unusual PhD in test design methods, speaks at conferences and writes on test related topics. When he is not architecting test automation and continuous integration solutions, he’s busy traveling, playing tennis and volleyball, and distorting reality in Photoshop.

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Ian Kelly

SVP, Programme Acceleration

Ian is Endava’s Head of Programme Acceleration, which helps our clients to structure and execute healthy change programmes to achieve successful business outcomes. He has spent the last 25+ years in technology and change roles and is passionate about solving problems. When he’s not running programmes, he is often running – 10k and half-marathon are his favourite distances.

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Jeremy Mayes

VP, Connected Experiences

Jeremy is a creative executive with 20 years of experience in product strategy, UX, and design. He works with our clients to ensure they have the right strategy in place, then tailors innovative experiences that meet their business challenges. Before he joined Endava, Jeremy specialised in creating video games. Today, when he isn’t working, Jeremy enjoys dabbling in VR and 3D printing or conceiving and performing perfectly legal experiments on his children. We’re confident they’ll return the favour one day.

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Jourik Migom

SVP Strategy Acceleration, Global

Jourik has 20+ years of experience in strategy related roles across consultancies, digital agencies and a couple of client-side stints. At Endava, he leads a global team of thinkers focused around Strategy, Product and Data. Jourik especially loves the early phases of strategy projects and conversations with clients about how technology can help them change their business for the better. Outside work, you can probably find him in coffee shops and art galleries or in airports, he is always on the go.

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Julian Alarcon

DevOps Engineer

Julian is a DevOps engineer who loves open source software culture, sharing his knowledge and working on weird and wonderful projects that get him to think outside the box. He also enjoys learning from new cultures and tries to experience one new thing every day. With a technical background spanning almost 10 years, Julian and his team help bring big ideas to life. He is also a coffee lover from a coffee country, an amateur photographer and a great conversationalist, especially when beer is involved.

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Justin Marcucci

Chief Digital Officer

Justin has spent the last 20 years helping clients provide the kind of customer experiences that build lasting brand loyalty. As chief digital officer, Justin combines strategy, creativity and technical know-how to unite the agendas of CMOs and CIOs. If you think that sounds impossible, don’t worry, he is a rock-star that understands quantum physics, a husband to a woman who is cooler than he is, a father to three awesome kids and an excellent public speaker. The man is unstoppable, except if you pass a whiskey bar, he’ll definitely want to stop there.

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Madalin Ilie

Design Authority - Financial Services

Madalin is a tech enthusiast and self-proclaimed geek who is passionate about software development and innovation. With 10 years of industry experience, working on a wide range of projects from small web apps to large scale distributed applications and acting as a design authority for financial services, Madalin's daily focus is on quality, automation, continuous improvement and encouraging others to reach their full potential. When he isn't doing all that, he is writing code, spending time with his family or reading a good book.

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Nick Telford-Reed


Nick is a passionate and award-winning technology innovator who has a strong focus on ensuring great customer experience. For close to two decades, he has worked to develop compelling visions of the future, to build strategies to help businesses achieve their goals. When he isn’t consulting, Nick can be found spending hours reading PSD2 drafts, asking waiting staff about the model number of their mobile POS, mountaineering, planning his next travel adventure or running around after his four kids.

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Radu Orghidan

VP Cognitive Computing

Radu is a technical business consultant with in-depth knowledge of innovation management. He leads cross-functional teams to achieve cutting edge technical objectives for our clients. His projects use data acquired from different sensors such as depth sensing cameras, mobile robots or microphones to create systems that enhance a users’ abilities to understand and interact with the environment… or sometimes to create 3D scans of his two kids. In his free time Radu loves running outdoors, skiing and being in the snow, or eating seafood while sharing a good bottle of wine.

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Radu Vunvulea

Group Head of Cloud Capability

Radu is a technology enthusiast. He has vast experience in different technologies and industries and spends most of his time working with the cloud, helping companies to innovate and finding solutions to their business problems. He enjoys connecting people and helping them to grow. When he isn’t blogging or speaking at events, Radu likes to build his own IOT devices, he enjoys an early morning run or a hike up a mountain. His feet seem to be his preferred method of transportation, he would do anything not to be stuck in traffic.

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Seth Clifford

VP, Digital Product Strategy

Seth is a creative executive with 20 years of experience in UX design, mobile operating systems, application development, and digital product strategy, having led high-profile projects for global brands across various sectors. He fights for the users, and enjoys task management, ice cream, whiskey, and surfing... but generally not all at the same time.

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Teodora Chetan

Head of Marketing

Teodora is a marketing professional with 10+ years of experience in events management, marketing and communications as well as people management and leadership. She is a strong believer in life work blend, in fact she has a blog focused on the topic. She is also a big fan of dogs, especially her Shih Tzu Luna. When she’s not excelling at work or spending quality time with Luna and her family, you can find her leading the Endava hiking club up her favourite mountains.

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Thomas Behrens

Group Head of Analysis

Thomas is Group Head of Analysis for Endava. He has over 25 years of experience in software development which he has gained in various sectors including investment banking, telecommunications, mobile payments and embedded systems. He is focused on setting up distributed agile software development teams and shaping the business analyst force at Endava. When he isn’t doing that, Thomas can be found delivering training or speaking at conferences.

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Vlad Cenan

DevOps Engineer

Vlad is a DevOps engineer with close to a decade of experience across release and systems engineering. He loves Linux, open source, sharing his knowledge and using his troubleshooting superpowers to drive organisational development and system optimisation. And running, he loves running too.

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